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BLUES IN BRITAIN (August 2015):

LIVING BLUES (August 2015)

Peabody is well-deserved British acoustic blues and folk musician. At the turn of ages he was in his country three times declared "Acoustic Blues Artist of the Year“. Last year he celebrated 50 anniversary of his of his musical activities. He made the first recordings in 1971. Since then he has to his credit 10 albums and more than 20 others, which recorded as a guest. He also works as a producer. He is also a photographer whose photos are published on many albums. His previous record was released in 2009 and this one only a month ago. It is the music that he liked and favourised since his childhood. It is the acoustic blues from 20´s and 30´s played with knowledge and great love. On 14 tracks, 3 of them he composed himself, plays a big role  ragtime. Of course, not in all of them - There is also blues, gospel flavor and a little folk. He sings with mild, mature voice, at times subtle and at times with considerable pleasure. Guitar interrupts some verses, then again lightly/gently  accompanies.

Most of the songs have a moderate timing,  but it's not boring. Dave also plays on some tracks slide. To make matters better, in five songs Regina Mudrich plays on violin. Its warm tone and her playing style is a great appetizer as well as a nice reminder of the time of the stringbands from the early years of the blues. At times she plays piccicato then plays the melody and moreover, she plays the way as would not be a blues or folk but Philharmonic. There's extraordinary charm and magic of the old days. Silky smooth and nice music which will appeal particularly advanced fan, who appreciates the old concept of the blues. Quaint and charming.

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