Foto: Frank Posenau

DEPUI - (Norway)


Norway is and remains an excellent music supplier! The band Depui from Oslo show how diverse may be rock music. The music of Depui inspired by French chansons, balkan rhythms, and even Mexican sounds. Her songs are a colorful mix of soulful ballads and extremely danceable, honest rock.


In Norway and France Depui have already made a name. Their song `King 'was 8 weeks at one of the largest radio station NRK` P1' and "Start Healing" as much as 19 weeks for "Radio Sør listed. Their album 'Manhood' was recorded with 8 out of 10 possible points, the Norwegian press in general. Also one song were played during the Olympic games.


The first album, produced by Thomas Wang  ”Manhood” allready in the starting blocks. They found a sound who was simular to Katzenjammer, Kaizers Ochestra and Tom Waits.


Your good vibes go immediately into the blood and rock songs you want in the just dance the night away with the ballads and it is especially nice to dream.