(Foto: Regina Mudrich)

norskmusikk.org über das Album Manhood (Stein Eriksen):


Jeg tar av meg hatten for en flott album fra Depui, og jeg er sikker på at flere kommer til å legge merke til denne artisten fremover. Han er jo allerede blitt listet på NRK P1, og fått veldig gode kritikker for dette albumet.


For various – and rather ridiculous – religious reasons nudity far outshines violence as cause of concern for our young. Add to that smoking and you have a hammer of new millennium puritan controversy right up in your face with Depui’s new single and video, ‘Growing Wild’, which resulted in Mari Chauhan having to pull herself out of the Miss Norway contest for showing off her beautiful stuff. Which just seems so very, very unnecessary. Anyway, ‘Growing Wild’ is the second single off Depui aka Bent Ivar Depui Tversland’s upcoming second album and is a solid pop of – how he describes it best – circus blues.


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